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Up in the lofty Blue Mountains of eastern Jamaica, where daybreak must sift through the early morning mist, lies Mavis Bank, a small rural town. This is the site of Jamaica's exalted "black gold", the home of the Mavis Bank Central Factory, the domain of the world's beloved Blue Mountain Coffee, JABLUM.

The Mavis Bank Factory was built on just five acres of land in 1923, when Victor C. Munn, an English planter and processor, established what would become a family business for generations. But the origin of Blue Mountain Coffee dates further back to the early 18th century when, in 1728, a few precious Arabica coffee seedlings were brought from Hispanola by the British Governor in Jamaica. This gave birth to coffee cultivation on the island, but its subsequent extraordinary growth could be attributed to the diligence of Haitian coffee growers who fled their island during its 1790 revolutions, and the enterprise of newly freed Jamaican slaves who retreated to the quiet of the Mountains to start new lives. The latter, now free to cultivate crops on their own lands, immediately claimed their share of the coffee trade. One thing had become clear to those who settled in this area- the coffee berry grown in the Blue Mountains was unlike any other. The Blue Mountains slowly became the focal point of those who began to take notice of the unique special qualities of the coffee produced there. Indeed, the dedicated farmers who cultivated the coffee berry boast of a long lineage between their families and the JABLUM's Blue Mountain Coffee.

Mavis Bank remains a place where time seems to stand still. It is a corner of the world where modern conveniences sit quietly amid unspoiled terrain, where simple sounds and the slightest temperature changes are amplified. Favoured by the ultimate combination of the ideal altitude, mineral-rich soil, gentle cloud cover, mountain shade and ample sunlight, the berry grown in the Blue Mountains takes longer than others to mature. More time, some claim, for its rich flavour and aroma to develop. More time, others argue, for its signature character to evolve.

Coffee aficionados agree- the JABLUM taste is wonderfully exotic- a balanced medley of fleeting richness, sweetness and tempered acidity. But it is the lingering experience, the haunting aftertaste that still defies description.

JABLUM's coffee experience, after all, has been cradled in well-guarded tradition for generations.

Today, JABLUM coffee maintains its rank as the world's most sought-after coffee...

The Coffee Experience Beyond Compare!